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This spring, after too long an absence, I was able to visit Okinawa and Hombu dojo from March 26th to April 2nd.

I know Akamine Kaicho is very busy and I felt very lucky that he was able to meet me after my arrival. Even more fortunate was the chance to train at Hombu. It didn`t take long for me to remember, `Oh that`s right-I have a LONG way to go before I`m any good at this!` Sensei`s patience and precise instruction was a treasure to take away and keep as long as possible.

We also enjoyed a return trip to Shuri Castle, and some of the best Okinawa soba I ever had! I was very pleased as well, to see Penny Sensei again and spend some time with her family. I also happened to be there at the right time for the Okinawa beer festival, definitely recommended for those who may have an interest in beer!

There was much more I wanted to do and the time went way too fast, but I hope to be back much sooner next time. Sincere thanks to everyone who made my visit such a great experience.

Akamine Sensei at Shuri Castle

Shuri Castle

Hombu Dojo with Akamine Sensei

Dojo Corrections

Beer Tasting Festival

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