Research and training trip, April 2014

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April 2014. Precious Okinawa. I’m on my way to Shimbukan Honbu Dojo, anticipating meeting Soke Akamine Hiroshi, colleagues and dear friends.

This time I didn’t have a lot of time for site seeing. I had quite a tight schedule since I came to practice and to complete several tasks for my book, which is almost complete.

Shimbukan members were very welcoming as always. It was great to meet Penny Sensei and her family, going to the beach and to an Izakaya. It was wonderful to meet again Kinjo Sensei, Kagemasa and Setsuko Yoshimoto Sensei, Chinen Sensei, Akamine, young Kazunari and my dear friend Fumiya San, who eventually came back home. I also met Natsuno Dai and Taka Mine Sensei from Tokyo and my dear friend Yamakawa San, who unfortunately cannot be active any more. Akamine Sensei invited me to a great evening with Sawada brothers, Hiroshi and Kiyoshi, having an interesting conversation about Okinawan fighting Arts, diving deep into Okinawa culture and history. It was in a karaoke room so we entertained ourselves by eating, singing and laughing. I also met Natsuko Sensei and her students who came especially to the Honbu Dojo for an introduction to weaponry.

Akamine Sensei kindly helped me, introducing me and enabling contacts to clarify some important points concerning the book I write. I accept it as a very generous gesture and I am very grateful to Sensei. During this month I had long conversations with Akamine Sensei about Karate history and Kobudo lineage. These conversations opened knew angles to observe about Kobudo history and the way it developed.

Every visit in Shimbukan Honbu Dojo is a new growth opportunity, personally as well as for the students in my Dojo and it’s a very enjoyable experience on the top of it.

Very special thanks to Akamine Sensei for the unique knowledge, the great gestures and his warm hospitality.

Thank you very much my dear Sensei and friends. I enjoyed very much to meet you.

Itzik Cohen


Group photo, including Arndt and Elena

Group photo, including Natsuno and Mine Sensei

Itzik and Penny

Itzik, Chinen Sensei and Akamine

Itzik and Akamine Sensei

Itzik Sai

Itzik Bo

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