Minnesota Seminar 2013

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Minnesota Seminar with Akamine Kaicho- Oct.4-Oct.12.

by Sam Murray
Minnesota Group

Minnesota Group

I participated in 33 seminar hours of training...add about 15 hours listening to stories, martial art history, and backgrounds sitting in a garage or around a table.

Social time in Lonsdale

Social time in Lonsdale

The Seminar with Akamine Kaicho and the Elite Instructors that assisted during the seminar was truly amazing!!



The Group of Karateka from Canada were remarkable! Instructors and Students coming from around the world spoke volumes of how Kobudo is still a Living Art! The dialogue and kind instruction, but hard training led to a balanced way of training that made everyone feel like they gained something each session.

Akamine Kaicho is an amazing personality and teacher- Great eye for detail and correction, invested in knowing you as a person, cordial and sense of humor, and well respected by many!

Correction by Akamine Sensei

Correction by Akamine Sensei

It was a pleasure and honor to train with all the Karateka students and Instructors. Special Thanks to Jurgens Sensei and Holt Sensei for hosting such an awesome event.

Respectfully Sam Murray



Gift for Akamine Sensei

Gift for Akamine Sensei



Tim Jurgens Sensei also had this to say:

Great training with our teacher Akamine Hiroshi Sensei from Okinawa Japan. Thanks to Yoshimoto Sensei, Paul Sensei, Roman Sensei, Kirii Sensei, Natsuno Sensei, Krishnamurthy Sensei, and Mine Sensei for their help. Thanks to all the participants who made this possible. Especially Jerry and Shirley Holt and Mikako!





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  1. Tim Jurgens

    Great write up Sam,

    It truly was an event of significance. While our association traces its roots firmly to organizations that formed in the 1930’s, reformed again in 1955, and then once again in 2011, we are still relatively underrepresented in the US. Our first seminar with Akamine Sensei in the US back in 2010 introduced a number of key people to our organization, not the least of which was Jerry Holt from the White Bear Isshinryu School. Jerry has since gone on to travel to Okinawa and test for both Shodan and Nidan. On this trip three people from his Dojo, Dan Prenevost, Shawn Taylor, and Denise Buss Callen as well as his long time training partner Anthony Hathaway earned their Shodan certification. From the Mankato Dojo we also had Dan Bellig pass for Shodan and both Bob Pettitt and Chuck Phillips are on a provisional track for the same grade over the next few months. Perhaps even more importantly, we now have official branch dojos in Lawrence Kansas under Bryan Peterson, who passed his Nidan at this seminar, Carson Iowa under John Kerker, Plainfield Indiana under Anthony Hathaway, and Forest Lake under Chuck Phillips. We have made great inroads toward introducing our Kobudo to serious martial artists who are well respected for their accomplishments.

    At the seminar we also forged ties to new friends from Vancouver BC in William Chung, and Martin Nichols as well as Nakada Yurio Sensei from the Jundokan association. Each person that joined lent their energy and talent to the training, making every day unique and enjoyable. Congratulations to William for his San Dan Grading and Roman for his Yon Dan Grading. Thanks to Fritz Speck from the Genbukai association out of Winonna for his kind support, as always it is a pleasure to train together.

    I want to personally thank Yoshimoto Sensei, Vermiglio Sensei, Natsuno Sensei, Kirii Sensei, Krishnimurthy Sensei, Roman Sensei, and Mine Sensei for their wonderful support. They all traveled at their own expense to support our endeavors. The event would not have been nearly as enjoyable or productive without their support.

    Congratulations to Paul, who earned Renshi Rokku Dan in Karate. Also to the many people who passed Kyu grades in Kobudo and Ge Her for his Shodan in Shorinryu.

    There were many people who helped behind the scenes that also deserve thanks. Stacy Holmgren and Bridget Leirer opened their homes to guests and Bridget swapped vehicles so that we could move the large groups from place to place. Nakada Sensei put on a great Sushi presentation that wowed everyone. Dan, Sam, and Bob donated food for the cook out. Jerry hosted several guests. Dan put together weapons cases hand crafted out of leather for the Shihans that came to teach. Albert reviewed legal documentation and helped secure the YMCA. Dieter Von Der Marwitz arranged for a joint training session with his group and Hailey Kyoshi from the Shorinkan association. Shirley and Mikako kept us organized, on time and for the most part sane, and my mother and friends helped with arrangements for our tournament.

    I am certain I am forgetting many and overlooking much, so let me close by saying thank you again for all that participated. For me budo is not only the path we travel in training but also the path we travel in making friends along the way.

    Yours in budo,

    Tim Jurgens

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