Minnesota Seminar 2013 by Paul Vermiglio Sensei

Published on December 4, 2013 by
Instructors in Minnesota

Instructors in Minnesota




On the National Express coach at seven in the morning – weather was crisp and not a cloud in the sky – and there I was heading for Heathrow once again to catch a flight to Minnesota – crisp on the outside and warmth on the inside.


After a hearty breakfast at the airport lounge I was soon in the air. Good to be returning and with each mile deleted I started to ponder. Not so difficult anymore because as time passes the melody to the call of great friends and ambassadors was again upon those that unselfishly travel the globe in search to support, preserve and promote our life legacy. So what was I thinking as I flew through the clouds? This:


A student’s first duty when arriving on the hosting soil should be to push aside the tall grasses in search of the bamboo brush, then to sweep the leaves and kneel before our Sensei whose voice will chant and whoever hears his melody will join him, for lacking in duty is truly impossible. What is done casually and freely will not work out well. It is a matter of Attitude and Respect.


For me personally it is always like returning home to the place I was born. Meeting up with old comrades, meeting new friends and coping with the magnitude of hospitality Sensei Tim, Mikako, Jerry, Sam and many more put at our disposal, I can go on and on and on! Let’s take a glimpse into the past---


Akamine Eisuke Dai Sensei was a crucial resource by which he passed on to the younger generation not only kobudo and karate, but also a certain worldview, determined according to parameters set by his life experiences and educational well being. As such, he opened a window on to what his education system wished to instill in the students’ minds.


If you get the chance to meet and practice with Kaicho Akamine you will see that his business is about more than simply moving fantasy karate and kobudo techniques. It’s about adding value and, together with vision, making it available to all the students whenever and wherever they want. Because his visualization is more than just power, it’s his familiar glow that helps turn a seminar into a home, and then where the resources give life meaning around the word ‘kata’, the habitual master piece of remembrance, he truly pushes everyone to bring their kata to life, bringing karate to life, bringing kobudo to life.


As teachers we do not go about leading lambs astray, what we do is about making the unexpected happen and again it happened in Minnesota;  we made the students think for themselves, as this will outlive us all.


Anyway, back to that glorious seminar. Brilliant – just brilliant, even if it did take it out of me big time on this occasion – then again the copious amounts of vino and awamori must have played its part, too.


It was a pleasure – it is always a pleasure – Nifee Deebiru to Mata yassi!



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  1. Sam Murray

    Very well spoken Vermiglio Sensei, it is such a pleasure to train with you and all the great international instructors!

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