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Published on November 5, 2013 by
by Martin Wernecke (Nidan) Dokokai Berlin

October the 2nd 2013 – After a wonderful welcome party with the joy of meeting old friends, drinking beer and eating pizza, the first day of the seminar arose, which was dedicated to how to handle the Bo. At the first session of the day, the small but enthusiastic group was improving their Bo-Kihon, whose importance Shihan Dell Hamby, 5th Dan Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan , again and repeatedly emphasized over the course of the  seminar. After performing the different parts of the Kihon several times, Hamby-Sensei started to focus on the details of the Kihon, which not only were important for the Bo-Kihon, but for the Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan style in total.  After a strengthening lunch at the local Italian restaurant and a little break to recover from the morning class, the second half of the day was dedicated to the Katas of the Bo Shushi no Kon Sho and Sakugawa no Kon Sho, in which the students tried to use the lessons learned in the morning.

The second day of the seminar the use of the Sai and its Kata were the main topic. For warm-up, the students, who were all a little bit exhausted but nonetheless still motivated, recapped the Bo-Kihon and –Kata from the previous day. When everyone was starting to sweat and ready to go, Hamby-san started to explain the proper usage of the Sai and in which way the already learned lessons should be incorporated into the use of the Sai. Again, after a revitalizing lunch break, the group went on to practice the Sai-Kata Chikin Shita Haku no Sai, which was followed up by Chatan Yara no Sai for the more advanced students.

After the two days of dealing with two different weapons, the main topic of the third day of the seminar was Bo vs. Sai. Carefully but strong and with the utmost respect for the partner, the group of students learned how to use the learned techniques and details of movement for a “real life” use of the weapons.  Followed up by the, sadly, last lunch break, a few students took the exam in front of the strict but fair exam-board and successfully past it.

Summarizing the event it is to say, that every seminar is a valuable experience, which helps every Kobudoka to improve his or her performance and all of the participants give their best to use the lessons learned to the utmost advantage and are looking forward onto next chance to improve their skills, but also to meet old and new friends and having a wonderful time together.



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  1. pennyvh

    It sounds like you all had a great time. In the future I intend to attend seminars like this one, wherever they are held. What a great opportunity to travel the world doing what we love.

  2. Rob Thurman

    I do not practice of any Martial Art. However I see a lot of potential here for promoting Kobudo around the world and believe that as well as showing current Kobudo aficionados what is happening it will encourage others to join in. Well done. Love it.

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