End of 2013 for the Hombu Dojo

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Update from the Hombu Dojo

The Hombu Dojo is holding the first practice this evening, 6th January 2014.   New Year is the only time of year when the dojo does close, other than for public holidays.

The period leading up to the break is always extremely busy though. This year the dojo had a bonenkai on the 24th December.  A bonenkai is an end of year party and it is the first year the Shimbukan Association has had one.  The last couple of years we all attended the Shinenkai or New Year's party held by the Okinawa Karate Kobudo Renmei Association.

This year the student's of the Hombu Dojo requested our own Bonenkai.  It was an extremely successful party attended by 18 people including Yoshimoto Sensei from Kume Island, Honda san from Osaka and Yoshino san from Hiroshima, as well as all our local students.

The Bonenkai was held at the Izakaya Mine in Tomigusuku.  It was the first time for most students to visit that particular Izakaya.  It was chosen because Akamine Sensei's older brother is working as a chef there.  He  certainly did us proud with fantastic sushi and sashimi to start and then three large nabe pots.  Nabe is a traditional Japanese dish served in winter.  Diners cook their own food in a broth.  There was piles of vegetables, tofu, seafood and chicken.

Akamine Sensei surprised Honda san with his Nidan (2nd Dan) certificate and Yoshino san with his Shodan (1st Dan).  After that everybody was required to give speeches.  What fun.

Izakaya Mine

Penny van Heerden Sensei

Kinjo Sensei

Yoshino San

Honda San

Prawns and Sushi

Yoshimoto Sensei and Chinen Sensei

Akamine Kaicho and Chinen Sensei

Taira san

Yoshimoto Setsuko Sensei and Honda San


Bonenkai Group Photo

After the Bonenkai I am afraid I faded for the night.  Well, it was Christmas Eve and somebody still had to play Father Christmas for Sahratia.  Good thing I wasn't too late to bed as Sahratia was up to open presents by 5am Christmas morning.

Everybody else headed into Naha City to the Dojo Bar. I have seen quite a few photos from the Dojo Bar that seem to indicate that a great time was had by all.  (Photo below from Sam Chambers.)


At the Dojo Bar

At the Dojo Bar

The dojo then had our last practice of the year on the 26th December.  For this event children and adults had a combined class starting at 7pm.  We ran through all our Karate kata then moved onto Kobudo.

At 8pm we all started giving the dojo a traditional New Year clean.  The kids had a ball running around with mops while everybody else rolled up their sleeves and set to work.

Usually Akamine Sensei's wife, Yuko san makes Toshi Koshi Soba (End of year noodles.).  Noodles are traditionally eaten at the end of the year as they signify longevity.  Unfortunately, this year Akamine Sensei's daughter had a fever and Sensei's wife had to babysit their two grand daughters. Instead we had a feast of snacks, soft drinks and oranges.  The kids left about 9pm and everybody else headed home about 10pm.  All in all it was an enjoyable and productive evening.

Although not the best time to visit Okinawa for training, it is a wonderful cultural experience.

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