Elena & Arndt Hamburg / Germany

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Having practice Karate for quite a while and a couple of years Kobudo , it was time to make a dream come true and visit the birthplace of Karate and Kobudo.

In April 2014 we were guests at the beautiful Honbu Dojo of Shimbukan in Tomigusuku.

Having our residence near lively Kokusaidori in Naha traveling by Monorail and going the last mile on foot to the dojo was easy and fun. Although it was just a couple of weeks we gained a lot of for our Karate and Kobudo. For instance adapt technique for close range blocking in Karate or the importance of correct hikite in order to generate power with the bo.

Apart from wandering (driving) around on Okinawa honto we visited Kumejima for one weekend where we stayed at a nice camping site near beach and the indoor german style „Badehaus“. Finaly we had a relaxing trip to  Iriomote (we didn't see the yamaneko cat) and Ishigaki before heading back to Tokyo for the flight back to Germany.

We would like to say thank you to Akamine Sensei for the warm welcome and opportunity to train with him. Thanks to the whole „Dojo family“ for the support & patience.

We hope to see you again soon.


Elena & Arndt Hamburg / Germany


Dojo Shimbukan Gruppe

Elena & Yoshimoto Setsuko Sensei

Kokusai Dori

Cape Hedo

Kume Island Ferry



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