Berlin May 2015 Seminar

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We had a great Ryukyu Kobudo Shinbukan seminar with our Kaicho Hiroshi Akamine Sensei from Okinawa assisted by Shihan Dell Hamby from Basel/Switzerland in Berlin/Germany on May 14~17, 2015.

About 50 participants from Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Israel/USA and of course Germany joined this event. Three days of more than six hours daily intensive practice where followed by kyu and dan tests for 16 participants. Everybody passed the exam, congratulations to all!

It's always a pleasure to be taught by Kaicho in his humorous manner. His strong and fluid techniques and his eye for the smallest details are beautiful to watch and to experience. He patiently answered all questions and we got a lot of corrections and explanations to work on in our dojos. Everybody made great progress during the seminar. Kaicho finally praised the level of our practitioners in Europe, the constant progress and the work of the local instructors.

Dell Hamby Sensei assisted with his unique dynamic and motivating teaching.

Beyond the training we shared a lot of good moments with the teachers and our kobudo friends at the seminar parties and restaurant visits.

Thank you very much to Kaicho Akamine and Shihan Dell Hamby for this wonderful seminar. A big thank also to Holger Massek and his students from Berlin Dokokai for their great work in organizing this event.

Now we are looking forward to the next seminar with Kaicho in 2017 and to the upcoming seminar with Shihan Dell Hamby (October 2~4, 2015), both at Ki-Shin-Tai Dojo Erlangen /Germany.

Doumo arigatou gozaimashita!

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