Tunfa / Tonfa / Tuifa

Tonfa, Tunfá, Tuifa (Grinder handle)  



The Tunfa is basically a wooden grind stone handle and used in pairs. Tunfá is quite difficult and requires a high degree of skill. To use this weapon with ease requires considerable practice and time.   There are two kata taught in the Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan system.  They are Hama Higa no Tunfa and Yara Gwa no Tunfa.  Hama Higa no Tunfa is a required kata in the Nidan Grading.

The parts of the Tunfá.

Monouchi – the main part of the Tunfá

Gedan tsukagashira – the forward end of the Tunfá above the grip

Ushiro tsukagashira – the butt end of the Tunfá   Yoko – the sides of the Tunfá

Tasui – the underside of the Tunfá

Yoko nage – the upper side of the Tunfá

Tsuka – the handle grip

Tsukagashira – the round top of the grip