Tinbe and Rochin

Shield and Short Haberd or Spear



Various Tinbe at the Hombu Dojo


The Tinbe or Shield can be made from almost anything and features a handle on the inside.  Although traditionally turtle shells were often used, nowadays those with a turtle shell shape are usually fibre glass copies.  It was also common to use the large straw hats used by farmers on Okinawa.  These were useful as once a sword or spear had entered the straw the Tinbe could be twisted and capture the opponents weapon.

Rochin found at the Hombu Dojo


The Rochin or spear also comes in a variety of shapes and materials such as those pictured above.

When fighting an opponent, the shield is held in the left hand for defence and with the short blade halberd in the right.

Only one Kata, the Kanegawa no Tinbé Kata has survived and has been passed down.  It is required for the 3rd Dan grading.