Rules for staying at the Hombu Dojo


Accommodation at the Hombu Dojo


1.  The cost is 1000 yen for each nigh for each person.  Please pay in advance.

2.  You may use the kitchen items for free.

3.  Eating in the actual dojo is prohibited.  Please eat in the eating area or kitchen.

4.  There is no smoking in the facility.

5.  Please save electricity and water and be considerate of all items.

6.  Be aware of fire safety at all times!

7.  Please try to do personal practice during times of daylight, which will save on electricity.

8.  When you leave the interior be sure put your shoes/sandals on; do not go outside barefoot and track dirt into the building on the bottoms of your feet.

9.  On the last day of your stay, make sure to clean up the room and leave it in good condition for the next guest.

10.  Separate combustible garbage and incombustible garbage.  Japan is very strict regarding separation of rubbish and will not remove the trash if it is not properly separated.  Bring your garbage downstairs and place it on the street, in front of the dojo, on the designated morning for trash collection.  Please pay special attention to this.

11.  There is a rope for hanging out your laundry on the rooftop, please help yourself.  Also there is a Laundromat across the street from the dojo for large loads.

12.  You are personally responsible for your valuables

13.  When you go out, please lock the Dojo door.