Kama / Sickle


Wooden Practice Kama


In Okinawa, where there was a strict prohibition against weapons, the Kama was a readily available tool that could easily be substituted as a weapon. Kata were devised but just a few practitioners trained with Kama, thus the number of Kata passed down was limited. The Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan teaches Kanegawa no Nicho Gama which is required for the 4th Dan grading.

Techniques (Waza) include blocking, stabbing, striking and cutting. Normally only senior practitioners perform Kama Kata. The kama are sometimes called Kusarikama.

The parts of the Kama.

Ushiro tsukagashira – the butt end of the handle

Gedan tsukagashira – Top end of the handle

Moto – Handle centre

Monouchi – Blade

Saki – Blade tip