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We welcome articles and photos from members of the Ryukyu Shimbukan Association, no matter where in the world they are held. These events include competitions, gradings and so on. Please send photos in a separate email, rather than in a word document. Also please limit the number of photographs to about 10.

This is a news report from Akamine Sensei's visit to Chennai India in February 2016.  Krishnamurthy Sensei arranged the seminar and Dell Hamby Sensei traveled with and assisted Akamine Sensei in his sessions.  Visits by top instructors are treated as a major event with visits from local officials and even support from the Japanese Consulate.


  1. Simon Sherbourne

    I am a senior student of the late Hanshi Seikichi Odo. I am curious about the Wolrd Games in 2016. Are many Okinawan Dojo preparing for this?

  2. pennyvh

    This is a good question and something I will have to look into. Okinawan Dojo are notoriously relaxed in their attitudes to pre-planning and often leave everything till the last minute. As such I haven't heard anything but will make inquiries.

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