Eku / Oar



Ekku compared to the Bo


The Eku as a weapon was developed by fishermen to use on land and at sea. The side of the Eku can be used in cutting techniques. It is practical and has great destructive power. Used in advanced Kata.  The kata Chikin Sunakake is required for the 5th dan grading.  In some ways the Eku is more difficult to master than the Bo as the student has to be aware of and use both the front and back of the weapon.  Unlike the Bo, there is a blade that can also be used so care should be taken that the attack will be fully effective.

The parts of the Eku.

Ushiro tsukagashira – Oar butt

Saki – Blade tip

Moto – Oar centre

Yoko – Oar blade side

Monouchi – Blade